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Both Microsoft and Logitech were most accommodating and replace the mice without much hassle at all.In the case contact support via my.netgear.com and process for RMA exchange.See latest post. My wireless is not working on my Kindle 3 (Keyboard) which is Wi-Fi only.I have to restart my laptop 2-5 times and after that WiFi works.Once you get past batteries, signals, and proximity, you need to start looking at the mouse itself and its software.Check out the warranty for your mouse because the warranty period can be much longer than you think.Besides the ones stated above I still can think of a few like maybe you need to enter the.

So I packed up my laptop and headed off to a local coffee shop with free wifi to get some work done. My. your home wifi stops working and your broadband provider.I get a call on Saturday Morning from my wife who is at work.The new ones were Eveready, which turn out to be slightly shorter than Duracell (put the two together with a pencil across the top), so the connection in the mouse was being lost.Consumer and small business grade routers usually have a simple web-based interface that allows you to control various configuration options, such as IP addressing and security.I get my DS and stand right next to the router, and I even typed in all the.Once at the front door, the apartment number (port number) locates the specific resident (service) you wish to talk to.My wireless.when it freezes even the built in laptop one wont work.

So I tried to download the file onto my computer and then upload it to the site.

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There are hundreds of different pre-defined port numbers for all common services.Follow This: Fix 1: Remove USB receiver and wireless mouse battery for 5 seconds.

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Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.Nothing happened from day one to day two that I can think of that would have made it stopped working.Have an Actiontec GT704WG Wireless router/modem with an XP wired desktop that is working.

For a while now I have been having problems with my internet, what has happened is that it is connected for roughly 20 minutes and then disconnects itself for a.

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Why does my mouse curser freeze so I have to shut down with my keyboard.When try to connect to internet by wireless NW, it says the connection to access point established but.VERY IMPORTANT: comments that do not add to the discussion - typically spammy, off-topic, or content-free comments - will be removed.

I love the new Classic and I have been on the phone with support from Tmobile and Blackberry Classic support desks.

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Hello. I have an issue with my Atheros AR5007EG on my Acer Aspire One D250.But there are a few steps that you can take to help diagnose the problem.

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I think you hit the solution right on the head when you said to try a wired usb mouse.In homes and small businesses, a router is mostly thought of as a way to share one internet connection with multiple computers.

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My mouse is super sensitive and seems to do things on its own.

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Your mouse should always have the latest drivers for either your machine (in this case, HP) or its manufacturer (in this case, Logitech).If the wireless mouse signal gets weak because the battery is too low, the mouse just stops working.Under this condition, the mouse however does respond to the left click button but not to the position or wheel movements.

Introducing Orbi Pro - Secure and Simple WiFi for Your Small Business.Accordingly, I was reluctant to open the entire mouse to look inside.Thankyou for this valuable information it helping my frozen issues too.Thanks man just tried it. i think that was my issue you just saved me. i been searching for hours and got nothing.:DD.

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There are a myriad of reasons why your wireless adapter may stop working on your computer,.

I had the phone switched out from the gold to black with a guy on craigslist.

Next new topic thread post below Per suggested, hard reset the router first.Note: this does not always work but most often it does how to fix ipod touch or iphone wifi problem (in the video i used ipod touch) go to: settings.