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The Fitbit purchased by my children for my birthday has broken down in less than a year.I would not pay 130au when I soo my present I thought it was 20 au.Best Buy will do nothing because too much time has expired since purchase and was referred to Fitbit customer service.Unless you enjoy spending time on hold, and receiving a second defective product, buy a tracker from a different company.

Also why is it not keeping tract of the steps I go up and down.Bought Fitbit in November and it never worked after being charged on computer, I have not had the opportunity to wear it yet.It well be great on the day my Fitbit well not only do the things it does, but also well be able to read my blood sugars.I tried to charge it for her last nightt both thru a USB port and a charger.The health and fitness product helps customers reach fitness goals and create a feeling of empowerment.

I have now spent 4 hours trying to get my surge to update so that I can use it.

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I work very hard for my money and after 3 months it is like throwing money out of the window.Having problems with website today, check whether Fitbit server is up or down right now for everyone or just for you.FYI the NZ contact number you have listed is a personal number.Find unique gift ideas for men and women at Brookstone. Fitbit Ionic Smart.Web site says delivery the same day or next day but it does not actually work that way.

It is not fair and many, many people have complained about the band.I have just returned a surge due to a fault and been given a new one but am so annoyed now that I have spent a day off trying to get my new one to update.Delivering innovative GPS technology across diverse markets, including aviation, marine, fitness, outdoor recreation, tracking and mobile apps.

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The problem is, the Fitbit is far too sensitive to wrist and hand movements.Why is it, every time I have a problem you drag your feet, make me spend hours on the phone or chat.BUT when my.Retail chain offering assortment of footwear, apparel and equipment. USA.

You can force Fitbit Connect to sync at any time or it will happen.A week goes by with no email so I called and you would have thought I ever called anyone to begin with, I wanted to cry because it got worse from there on, they said they were on doing a replacement with a doogle or what ever they call that thing and a charger cord.Shop Best Buy for the best Fitbit activity and sleep trackers to help you reach your health and wellness goals.Had I not found that contact information I would have never done business with Fitbit again.Anyways loved the concept and watching my goals increase and trying to get better sleeping habits.Little button on side (mode) button fell off, hence can not access any of the modes.I have had my Fitbit now for approximately two months and love it.I sent another e-mail telling them that it was still not working and they sent me a reply saying that they were glad that my fitbit was now syncing.Well I guess they did not read my e-mail correctly.I have only had the device for over 1 year and it seems like it should not be falling apart already.

As it states on their website that you linked to, FitBit requires Snow leopatd to run.Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots and learn more about Fitbit.

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My question is can I by just the tracker or do I have to purchase a New Bracelet etc.

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There were several email addresses available so customers can connect with the customer service department.

I appreciate the short wait time but not the answer I got to use a new fit bit.Trying to set up my new alta and that is not a choice for which device to set up.When the Fitbit arrived at my doorstep, I had already signed up for the free fitness tracker portion of the website.I just called Customer Service and they are going to ship out a new one no questions asked.I have seen many other complaints the fit bit charge wristband and I feel you should send me a new one since this is a design error.This is an incomplete list of Fitbit products that American consumer electronics company Fitbit has released. (CPSC) made the recall official.We are waiting for a response from the customer service department.Millions of disgruntled people losing a product we loved so much.I took it to the store and they said it failed due to water penetration.

I am puzzled why a company that is creating and marketing such innovative and useful products, and who obviously has some excellent people working for it in customer relations, like you, would choose to make it so difficult for customers to find the contact information necessary to obtain warranty help.We are happy to announce that the Vector Watch software platform and team are joining Fitbit,.I am a 50 yr old middle school teacher and I never once wore my fitbit in the water, shower or anywhere except on a daily basis while teaching and around the home to help me keep track of my personal fitness.

Your representative was trying to be helpful, but she did not get any support and could not do her job.

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I went online and have seen NUMEROUS complaints of this happening on SEVERAL websites and this is obviously a design flaw and you are not willing to fix nor stand by your product.After researching FitBit I learned that the FitBit Charge HR is going to be released soon.As you have discovered it will therefore not run on your PPC Mac using Leopard.

The representative was very helpful but really at the very least I would have expected that fitbit offer to repair the device free of charge not the solution of purchasing an additional device as a solution.It would be wonderful if there were some way to program it to be less sensitive to slight wrist movement, while still sensitive enough to continue to accurately detect steps actually taken.This slim, stylish Fitbit Flex wireless activity tracker and sleep wristband motivates you by offering a total fitness picture.Helps shoppers find and buy products from various online retailers.This is very annoying.And now you changed up the active minutes.We tracked where we had walked but was not found, the clip must have been faulty to have fallen off so easily with out me noticing.I could not be more please with the courtesy and service she showed me.Great idea, but there is much more to good business than just coming up with a cool product.I have only had the surge for just over a week, I have reset it and powered down several times.

There were several conversations, especially on Twitter, that the customer service team responded to in less than 12 hours.Fitness products that help you stay motivated and improve your health by tracking your habit.